If you search “American Bulldog” in your web browser, you’ll likely find a vast array of different
types, sizes and looks. While we love most of them, our affinity is for the “Standard Type” of
dog. More specifically, the dogs from the Scott bloodline. There’s a certain sense of history and
tradition in these southern type utility dogs. Versatile, gritty dogs that resemble a larger APBT in
type, but in my opinion keep a clearer head, have better environmental thresholds, and more of
a natural suspicion for man than it’s smaller, tenacious cousin breed. From catching boar to
personal protection or sport work, these dogs can fit the bill.

The American Bulldogs we chose come directly from Owl Hollow Kennels, owned and ran by
Mr. Alan Scott himself. No one has been keeping, working and running these dogs as long as
he has. It’s an honor to continue and preserve a Scott line of American Bulldogs.