Authentic K9


Performance Mastiff (Presa x Corso/Neo/Dane/Boerboel)
26 ½” at the shoulder, 115 lbs.


Raven is a stout female that can move like the wind. She is a dominant but fair female, being the matriarch of our pack. Excels in a multi dog environment, but is definitely the first female in  charge. Her fluid movement sets her apart from most dogs her size and allows her to hunt and catch rabbits. She can be aloof, not wanting to make new friends with strangers and definitely has a mastiff like natural suspicion. Highly prey driven for her type and extremely protective of our children, Raven brings a lot to the table. She goes back to Forte Molossers, Midgard Mastiffs, Varro Bull Presa Canarios and Olympic Dogs stock.

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