Authentic K9


NKC Registered American Bulldog
24 1/2” at the shoulder, 91 lbs


We sourced our American Bulldogs directly from Alan Scott, the namesake of “The Scott Type” AB. He is off Ch. Shamgar x Ch. Angel. If you follow the pedigree, you will go back to the infusion of Boudreaux APBT blood into the breed by Mr. Ray Weaver in accordance to the NKCs 7/8th rule, which is where the black color comes from. But make no mistake, he embodies the
temperament of an American Bulldog and can hunt in a pack of dogs without dog aggression. His first week on our property, he dispatched a baby mole and a field mouse. Just a preview of his innate instinct to hunt. He’s got a great temperament for a catch dog, and will defend the property with vigor.

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